The future of sustainable animal feed.

Optimizing animal feed nutrition for animal farming industries


Changing the way farmed animals get their protein

We farm black soldier flies by feeding the larvae food waste sourced locally from food manufacturers. The larvae is converted as a sustainable source of protein to feed pets and farmed animals such as fish and livestock.


Environmentally-controlled, technology based smart farming

Smart Sensors and Automation

Smart robotic automation enables continuous insect protein production 24/7. Sensors & IoT applications control parameters to optimise insect growth.

Modular Engineering Design & Process Innovation

Our modular design enables rapid scalability. We constantly apply lab research to our processes to improve operational efficiency.

Traceable Insect Protein with Zero Seasonality

Our controlled indoor environment enables traceability for the animal feed industry while providing the optimum breeding conditions year round, anywhere.


"We are changing the way we farm our food for the future"

Sean Tan, Founder.


Insect Feed Technologies Pte Ltd 


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